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We are in a digital revolution, a time of rapid transformation where humans are interfacing with technology in new ways, leading to massive changes in our society.

At G2CNC we interface with advanced technology to assist our clients to prototype new product ideas and make precision parts. We are developing our own line of high performance sailing components to launch in 2022. We offer small-scale manufacturing, up to ten thousand parts, and have expert technicians working with you throughout the making process. We value creativity and collaboration in our pro-maker space in Campbell River, BC, located on Vancouver Island.

Our mission is to work with our clients to reach the next level of their vision. We offer a full suite of product development services that includes structural packaging and graphic design. We can help your business move from product concept to market ready and take existing products to the next level of production. Come and work with us in our pro-maker space, we can make with you in a day what other shops do in a month.

Our long term vision is to integrate robotics into the manufacturing process, to increase speed and efficiency, and improve communications between humans and machines.

Do you have the tools that will take you to the next level?

G2CNC is Precision Machining and Prototyping Space

We are not a traditional machine shop.

We are creative thinkers and value your ideas.

We are a prototyping space with structural packing and graphic design capabilities.

We are a pro-maker space, with tools in advanced Manufacturing technology.

We make high performance components, parts and prototypes.

We have advanced software for efficient process and output.

Our Unique Process

We engage our clients early on in the design process, by offering key insights.

We offer a pre-quote checklist that assists you to see if your design is viable.

We then work with you to translate the design onto a manufacturing platform.

We walk you through the phases of production, to help you understand the process.

We nurture your creative ideas through the process of making and refining.

Prototyping Services

Together with Genesis Graphics, G2CNC offers a unique suite of services that includes graphic design, prototyping (parts or products) and structural packaging. We assist small and medium sized businesses to reach the next level, using advanced manufacturing and packaging technology. We value collaboration and creative problem solving, while maintaining integral values of security and sustainability within the prototyping process.

Who We Are

Owner of Genesis Marketing and G2CNC Precision Machining, Cris Fletcher is passionate about designing and creating new products. He works alongside his clients to prototype their ideas, taking them from 2D concept to market ready. A business owner and creative technician with over twenty years of experience in product development and structural packaging, Cris has the knowledge to guide you to the next level of your vision.

Steven Connnor is a Master Toolmaker with over twenty-five years of experience as a Machinist and Computer Programmer. He is a creative visualizer, with in-depth knowledge of G2CNC manufacturing technology.

Our Location is a Destination

Campbell River is an adventure destination that offers access to mountains, forests, rivers and oceans.


Industries We Serve

Aerospace, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fishing, Logging, Mining, Medicine, Sailing

G2CNC - A division of Genesis Marketing Group Inc.

1690 Maple St UNIT N, Campbell River BC V9W 3G2

Phone: (778) 773-0139